The production company

Our Manifesto

M&MASFICCION stems from the belief that there is a link between art and show business, between corporate culture and society that enhances personal talent development and contributes to improving society’s leisure time by creating quality content that breaks through boundaries and has the capacity to transcend to other markets.

Our Market

Production of TV series, miniseries, motion pictures and documentaries for the audiovisual industry, particularly focused on literary and audiovisual fiction.

We operate as creators, producers and talent aggregators, and for each project we rely on different and specific profiles of independent professionals

Our Mission

Identifying, recruiting and promoting creative talent in order to meet the needs of our target markets, both in literary and an audiovisual sense. In this regard, it is crucial to discover, select and recruit writers, screenwriters and directors so that they are assigned projects that best fit their talent.

Creating and providing ideas based on already existing literary works, real events or drawn from original content in order to develop and produce various types of audiovisual content, particularly focused on fiction.

Identifying both national and international trends while meeting our clients’ needs in order to create a customized product that matches their requirements.

Providing assistance (Production Service, Talent search and consulting) to international companies that require services on our national territory.

Producing original content.

Representing writers, screenwriters and directors recruited throughout our talent selection process.