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We create high-quality content
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Mireia Acosta Seró. CEO

The founder of MásFicción has over thirty years of experience as Head of Scripted and Executive Producer in television production companies such as Videomedia and Vocento. She has produced over 15 fiction series, including Hermanas, Hospital central, RIS, Mir, Corta-te, Ke-No, 7 días al desnudo and La fuga for national production companies. She has also collaborated with international groups like Sony Pictures and Banijay Group, for which she brainstormed and  devised La caza: Monteperdido.
Through her own production company, MásFicción, she offers consulting and coaching services to professionals and companies worldwide while also driving her own projects. One of her notable works is the series Victor Ros, based on the eponymous novels by Jerónimo Tristante, produced with New Atlantis for TVE. She also produced La Edad de la Ira, based on the novel by Nando López, in collaboration with Mediapro for Atresplayer Premium.
As an international consultant, development manager, and Executive Producer, she has collaborated with Lionsgate+ on series production such as Express for Lionsgate+ and Nacho for Atresplayer Premium, taking on the role of Executive Producer for the platform.

Mireia Acosta. Foto nines minguez

A multidisciplinary team of collaborators

At MásFicción, we have a pool of talented and independent professionals that allow us to specifically tailor to the volume and complexity of any type of audiovisual project.

  1. Jesús Font
  2. Director and Executive Producer
  3. He has served as co-creator, director, and executive producer in various series over the past 30 years, including Historias de la Puta Mili, Todos los Hombres Sois Iguales, El Comisario, Abogados, Siete Días al Desnudo, MIR, RIS, Gavilanes, Sagrada Familia, Gran Nord, El Faro, and Caronte produced by Big Bang Media for Tele 5. He has directed and co-produced several TV movies and mini-series for Prodigius and MediaPro, including Mónica, El Año que Trafiqué con Mujeres, La Vida Aquí, El Tránsfuga, and Lola, la Película. He has also directed TV movies such as Buscando al Hombre perfecto and Desátate, as well as the mini-series La Salazón for FORTA. He has directed over 150 weekly episodes and nearly 300 daily Soap Opera episodes. Currently, he is the Executive Producer of the series Mía es la Venganza produced by Alea Media for Mediaset.

  1. Jorge Díaz
  2. Screenwriter
  3. He has worked in television as a screenwriter or script coordinator for numerous series, including Hospital Central, Hermanas, Víctor Ros, Ciega a citas, Acacias 38, La Caza Monteperdido and La Caza Tramuntana. As a writer, he has published several novels, including Los Números del Elefante and Cartas a Palacio, among others. He is also one of the members of the collective of writers who use the pseudonym Carmen Mola, with novels such as La Novia Gitana, La red Púrpura, La Nena and Las Madres, which have been translated into over fifteen languages and adapted for television, and awarded the Planeta Prize in 2021 for the novel La Bestia.
  1. Alejandro García
    Art Director

    AKA Monsieurgarcia, he has over 20 years of experience as an Art Director in fashion and beauty, and on audiovisual projects. He has been responsible for digital projects for various international brands and institutions and is the Creative Director and Co-founder of This Project Works, a Creative Boutique.

  1. Carmen Martínez
    Executive Producer
  2. She has worked as an Executive Producer at Videomedia in the series Mir, Corta-T, and Dirígeme: el rescate and at Disney Media Distribution on El Don de Alba. As a Producer, she has worked at Fox Networks Group on the series Vis a vis and Vis a vis: El Oasis, at MasFicción on the series La edad de la Ira, and at VIS, a division of Paramount, together with El Deseo, on the series Mentiras Pasajeras. She currently collaborates with MasFicción on the development of new projects.
  1. Peter Tortorici
    International Strategy and consulting
  2. Peter Tortorici has been an independent producer, advisor to the IOC and president of television networks such as CBS and Telemundo. He is a specialist in growing the digital business. He combines extensive experience in the audiovisual sector with high-level executive relations, marketing and branded content strategies.
  1. Lars Neubert
  2. International content analyst
  3. He has been working in the audiovisual industry for over 10 years, in television production companies such as BocaBoca, Sony Productions, Zodiak Group, and BulldogTV. He currently works as an assistant director in entertainment formats and serves as a national and international consultant for Scripted Developments.
  1. Antonio Mercero
    Writer and Screenwriter
  2. He has been writing television series for over twenty-five years, including notable works such as La Novia Gitana, Hache, Tramuntana, Monteperdido, Seis hermanas, Hospital Central, and Farmacia de guardia. As a film screenwriter, he has collaborated with Gracia Querejeta on movies like Quince años y un Día, Felices 140, and Invisibles. He has also written the screenplay for the film De perdidos a Río, directed by Joaquín Mazón, and has penned short films like Cordelias and Como Yo te Amo, both nominated for the Goya Awards. He is the author of several novels, including El Final del Hombre and Pleamar. Additionally, he is one of the three writers behind the pseudonym "Carmen Mola," who won the Planeta Prize in 2021 with La Bestia and is the writer of the successful series of novels featuring Inspector Elena Blanco.
  1. Juanma Ruiz Córdoba
    Writer and Screenwriter
  2. He has served as an executive producer and screenwriter for numerous series, taking on the role of head writer in titles such as La Edad de la Ira, B&b, de Boca en Boca, Hospital Central, and RIS Científica. He has been involved in the creation of series like Express, Vis a Vis: El Oasis and Policías, En el Corazón de la Calle and has been part of the writing teams for Vis a Vis, Águila Roja, Compañeros, Pulsaciones and Cuenta Atrás. In the realm of cinema, he has written the feature films Hipnos, Flores negras and Águila Roja, la película. He won the Pilar Miró Award for Best Television Film in 2006 for Hostil. Additionally, he teaches classes in various Screenwriting Masters programs at the University of Navarra, ESCAC, and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. He currently writes for the daily series La Promesa on RTVE, and teaches Television Screenwriting classes.

MásFicción was born from the belief that there is a connection between art and business that enhances talent and the way society is entertained.





Lionsgate +


We operate as Creators, Producers, Consultants, and Talent Scouts, seeking out new voices and talent.


We assist platforms and television networks by providing services such as Market Research, Project Analysis, Script Coverage, and monitoring national and international audiovisual trends.


We assist other production companies and international companies by providing coverage in our territory and facilitating collaboration with top professionals in the industry.


We provide coaching services to screenwriters by helping them develop their ideas to make them viable and marketable in the industry.

Production services & content development.

We take ideas and turn them into fully-fledged audiovisual projects. Our focus is primarily on literary and audiovisual fiction. We lead the executive production of our own television series as well as commissioned projects. We also acquire the rights to literary works for adaptation into audiovisual formats. Examples of our past projects include Victor Ros, Monteperdido and La Edad De La Ira. Additionally, we hold the rights to projects such as Sin Reglas, La Casa De Los Amores Imposibles and Pleamar.


Coaching, mentoring and coverage.

We offer coaching and mentoring services, as well as tutoring for writers and screenwriters. For over ten years, we have been conducting masterclasses at public and private schools and universities such as ECAM and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. We also offer Consulting and Script Coverage to assess the feasibility of projects for various markets and screens worldwide. Our experience with international audiences allows us to analyze diverse target demographics. We provide national coverage; including Production Services, Advisory Assistance, and Talent Search, for international companies in our territory.


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Since our inception, we have collaborated with key players in the industry.


La Edad de la Ira

Mediapro and Masficción on
Atresplayer Premium

The brutal murder of a man, allegedly at the hands of his seemingly problem-free son, Marcos (Manu Ríos), comes as a shock in the daily life at a high school where students and teachers wonder what must have gone wrong for a popular, near-perfect boy to commit such a crime. In the investigation, we learn about the enigmatic young man's struggles at school and at home in the lead-up to the murder.


Mediapro on Lionsgate +

The series follows the events of Bárbara (Maggie Civantos), a criminal psychologist who has been a victim of an "express kidnapping" – a form of extorsion that is rapidly spreading worldwide. The harrowing experience has had psychological and physical repercussions for the woman - including the amputation of a toe.​


Bambú on Atresplayer Premium

The series depicts the beginnings of adult film actor Nacho Vidal in the porn industry while exploring the inner workings and shadows of the industry. It stars Martiño Rivas as Nacho Vidal.  Created by Teresa Fernández-Valdés, Gema R. Neira, and Diego Sotelo originally for Lionsgate+. Acquired for distribution in Spain by Atresplayer Premium, it premiered on March 5, 2023.

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